Services | Overview

Choose your services - As if you were to configure your new car

It´s simple!

The base - we create postings for all your sales and/or purchases

Your revenues/expenses are imported by us from other systems, systems of your partners or created from other documents.

Incoming payments processing

We import payment informations from your bank, PSP, Acquirer, Paypal etc. & process these fastly, accurate and automized.

Refunds / payments

We process refunds and other outgoing payments - no matter what pament methods is involved


We process the dunning for you - via mail & email.

Debt collection services

In case of unsuccessful dunning we coordinate with debt collection partners & do the accounting for that.

Support & Inquiries

We provide structured information to you, the call center or to your customer or supplier.


You will receive reports regarding your financials & all the informations for your general ledgers