The Company

FITPRO Commercial Solutions GmbH is a company located in Hamburg (Germany).


We provide highly automated financial services for Companies.


Whether you are interested in outsourcing subledger accounting or other accounting or finance IT tasks - FITPRO will be happy to assist.


We usually use the latest Microsoft technology in combination with whatever software or apps we deem appropriate & the most efficient for the specific common project.


Management - Carsten Schoenberg

Carsten has a background of 10 years in finance, accounting, Shared Service Centers & IT.


He is a studied economist & held various positions in different companies before he founded FITPRO Solutions.


The reason for starting FITPRO was, that wherever Carsten worked it was never possible to use the best, most recent & efficient technology & processes. This was mostly due to company restrictions & slow company evolution cycles or slow IT Organizations.


To be able to offer best of breed services based on utilizing the best, most recent, effective, efficient tools & processes he founded FITPRO.