FITPRO Commercial Solutions GmbH is a company located in Hamburg (Germany).


We provide highly automated financial services for Webshops.


Our Vision is to leave communicative, conceptual & creative tasks with people. And only these.


We are convinced, that repeating tasks are best to be performed by a machine.


Acting this way ourselves, an optimal service will be provided to you.

We believe in IT!


Our most reliable colleague is the machine and algorithms.

It knows no sickness, does not forget and has no holidays.


Our human colleagues do their best to transfer their tasks and knowledge to the system.

If a colleague leaves, the knowledge stays in the system.


A high grade of reliability results from this. You & we will benefit from this.


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What would be an alternative way


You will get to know competitors that are utilizing many people to compensate a lack of automization.

With these companies similar processes will be handled manually every day.


Consequences are:


Outsourcing, poorly qualifies employees, delegations, many levels of hierarchies & Team leaders etc.


This results in volatility in quality, sick leaves, missing contact persons, language barriers & isolated knowledge.

All to your disadvantage.


And always resulting in overhead spendings, idle capacities, expensive lead positions etc.