FITPRO Commercial Solutions

FITPRO Commercial Solutions GmbH is a company located in Hamburg (Germany).


We provide highly automated financial & consulting services.


Whether you are interested in outsourcing accounting activities or other accounting or finance IT tasks - FITPRO will be happy to assist.



Carsten Schoenberg (Founder & CEO)

Carsten has a background of >10 years in Finance, Shared Service Centers & IT.


He is a studied Economist, trained Banker & multi - certified Project Manager.


Carsten held various Finance & IT positions in different companies before he founded FITPRO Solutions.



Carsten founded FITPRO Solutions because wherever he was employed, it was never possible to use the best, most recent & efficient technology to create the best processes.

This was mostly due to company policies & slow IT Organizations.


With FITPRO he is now able to offer best of breed services based on utilizing the most efficient & effective tools & processes.